Rökelse, Temple of Incense - Oudh

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199 kr

Lyxig rumsdoft i form av handgjorda rökelsepinnar. Rökelsepinnarna är veganska, cruelty free och etiskt tillverkade med ingredienser av högsta kvalitet. Varje ask innehåller 20 pinnar som räcker i minst 55 minuter styck.

The jewel in our crown and by far our favourite. These incense sticks truly capture the beauty of Oudh.

The aroma that set the imagination of Middle Eastern poets and Sufi mystics aflame…

Oudh is a resin released by the Aquilaria tree. Developing over many decades, Oudh is priced above rubies. This extremely high quality Oudh Agarwood incense is a true work of genius, its fragrance ethereal and complex. It is a unique scent with which oil-rich billionaires compete with each other as to who has the best Oudh – we firmly believe we have the best OUDH.