Rökelse, Temple of Incense - Lotusflower

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Lyxig rumsdoft i form av handgjorda rökelsepinnar. Rökelsepinnarna är veganska, cruelty free och etiskt tillverkade med ingredienser av högsta kvalitet. Varje ask innehåller 20 pinnar som räcker i minst 55 minuter styck.

Soft and long-lasting, our Lotus Flower incense sticks are elegantly made with lotus lily, florals and a drop of jasmine.

The lotus flower often represents purity and divinity, being symbolic of Lakshmi, so light this incense to welcome the goddess of wealth and prosperity. Let the Goddess bring abundance into your home.

There is the symbolism and idea of the beautiful lotus flower flowering within murky waters and sustaining its beauty regardless of the surroundings. This reminds us to strive to become a better version of ourselves as we grow and overcome obstacles in life, so this is also the ideal stick to burn when you’re looking for clarity in a confusing time.